Matchbook Distilling Company is a full-scale, at-your-service, bespoke distillery and incubator. We work with our clients to create the custom spirits they dream up, always prioritizing the science, tradition, anthropology and agriculture that make the art of alcohol so special.


Whether you’re a chef or restauranteur, bartender or retailer, farmer or entrepreneur––or simply an enthusiast with a cool idea––we can create a customized option especially for you.


Our goal is to change the game, and make the craft of distilling distinctive, small-batch spirits accessible to anyone who appreciates process, quality and creativity.


Whatever your aim, we offer a scalable platform on which passion and practicality combine. MDC helps you accelerate your ideas, and hit hyperdrive on bringing the spirits of your dreams to life––from brainstorm to bottle.



A Diverse, Experienced

team At Your Service

At MDC, we’re more than just some landlord leasing you equipment and storage space. We choose projects on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that our values are in line with your goals––because we’re not here to take your money and pay lip service in return. We get our inspiration from your passion––and we can’t wait to work side by side to make your vision a reality.

Dean Distiller sorting grain

As a client, you get to create with confidence knowing you have unparalleled support, infrastructure, guidance and tools. MDC is operated by an experienced team of creative, hospitality, and spirits professionals with a collective passion for the craft of distilling, and a blend of interdisciplinary expertise.We’ve got talented, highly trained, exceptionally skilled distillers who will collaborate with you to develop your custom recipe. And beyond support in crafting your liquid, we’ve got folks who’ve made a career marketing and selling premium artisanal spirits––who know how to get a product out the door, into stores and onto backbars. We have in-house designers who can help create an identity for your brand––or even a label for your own personal project. Hell, we’ve even got a dog on hand for your emotional support.


We’re your partners

your right hand, your road-pavers, your research team, and the wall from which to bounce your ideas. We come to the table with insights from a cross section of industry experience––and we come to work for you.


Equipped and Individualized

Our custom-built, American-made equipment is designed for maximum versatility and scalability, and, above all, quality. You’ll have the opportunity to create exceptional products with carefully selected ingredients, informed technique and sound execution, regardless of spirit or scope of project.

And this isn’t some pre-made, prefab library of base spirits that limits you to a slim portfolio of flavor profiles. What we create together is all about you, and the story you want to tell. Want to experiment with seasonal produce from your hometown? Recreate something you tasted on a trip across the globe? Tell us what inspires you, and we’ll work with you to come up with a formula and recipe all your own––something you alone have dreamed up, and that the world has never seen.


Committed to Quality

When it comes to ingredients, we’re committed to using only the best, all-natural agriculture. History has taught us that what comes naturally––from the farm and the field and the ground––makes for superior flavor. Whatever you have in mind, we can work with ingredients to which you already have access, or help you source directly through our many relationships with farmers and growers. We’ve made it our priority to make sure spirits produced at MDC never cut corners, and always celebrate what that agriculture gives us. It’s a principle proven by centuries of tradition––why mess with perfection?


Most Importantly, We’re Ready for Action

Sure, you could take a few years to travel and study, read and experiment, to try and err a few hundred times (after all, it is only human). But who has time for all that? Opening a distillery of your own can take years, not to mention many millions of dollars. Even working with a contract distillery just to create a single barrel of your own is a process that requires an often prohibitive investment.

And all that is to say nothing of the regulatory hoops, storage and distribution logistics, brand design strategy, sales and marketing. Insights are invaluable, but so is your time. With MDC, you can lean on us, and together we can leap into action.