It's All Happening


Turns out, our local farms and grocery stores are full of food just waiting to ferment––if it’s got sugar or starch, it can be converted to alcohol. We could be getting lit off heirloom tomatoes and ancient grains, infused with flowers and fragrant herbs, or macerated with fresh fruits and nuts. Real ingredients, nuanced flavors––and not to mention totally delightful.

But right now we can’t. Why? Because there’s no place to experiment. There is no “test kitchen” where we can take our spirited dreams for a spin. It’s illegal to distill at home, or even in a commercial kitchen, without two very expensive licenses. There is no Airbnb for distilleries. And finding a distillery willing to do some experiments for you––even at astronomical prices––can be next to impossible.  

Well, we think that’s bullshit. So in 2018, we’re changing the game. I pulled together the cash and corralled some killer talent, and together, we’re building a distillery playground.  

Part test kitchen, part contract distillery, part educational platform and part knock-your-socks-off-liquor-emporium, Matchbook Distilling Company should be up and running in Spring 2018, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Let’s turn gin on its head for your bar––we’ll create a slate of botanicals that evolves each season.  Let’s make a barrel of whiskey just for you––you can come for a taste or a bottle whenever you want. Let’s make an eau-de-vie from those carrots your farm grows––the ones that are just “too ugly” for the grocery store. Ready to kick off a new brand but don’t want to shoulder the cost of a full distillery? Want to learn how to distill? Come on over.  

Whatever you want to be drinking, selling, or serving, let’s make it together. Let’s make it from the best ingredients, as fresh and as local as possible. Let’s bring back recipes that have long fallen out of fashion, and let's come up with some new ones that set the trends..

MDC is a distillery on demand. Here for your needs––whenever you want it, however you want it. It’s a new answer to the age-old question––what’re we drinking?

Author: Leslie Merinoff