Welcome to The Lin Beach House


Besides the fact that there is 6 inches of snow on the ground and it is the day after Easter today is not only the exceptional thing about today - -the first, being that The Lin Beach House has opened its books for reservations starting May 1.

Full round of applause please.

I have found the backdrop of the North Fork here has many inspirational uses.  The quiet off season nights have helped put things into perspective – with these oversized white walls and naturally slower paced movements, you can spend a few more minutes thinking about whatever is on your mind.  People come to this part of the East End for many reasons; be it a wedding, a birthday, spontaneous weekend getaway when the weather hits 70 degrees plus, or whatever it may be. Couples and groups of people just seem happier out here.  The Ocean is on both sides of the road and is within a side streets view where you can feel the breeze come at you no matter what time of day. 

The drinks are always cold and the charm of the village of Greenport is undeniable.    

Everyone has a special place throughout their travels, where they just wish they were at during bad weather, a bad work day, or just a yearning wanderlust moment in their busy lives – The Lin Beach House will be soon be on the top of that list.

We can’t wait to host you this summer.

Welcome to The Lin Beach House.