Day drinking abroad

Until quite recently, I never indulged in the phenomenon of day drinking. I don’t mean a fifteen-drinks-and-watch-the-football-game kind of afternoon––I mean even simply sessioning a beer in a social setting, or an afternoon meeting regarding any sort of business. It just wasn’t my thing.  

I used to travel so much, and across so many times zones, that I had a rule of not imbibing until the sun went down. Kept me on the straight and narrow. Strangely enough, it took me a weekend trip to Bath, England and a pint of cider outside at one very British pub to change everything. All those little details transformed me into two things––a reliable day drinking companion for anyone interested, and a lover of ciders.

When I lived in the UK, I would spend my weekends getting out of busy London and touring the countryside of England, enjoying all of the different types of dry and sweet ciders that were produced in the UK. My recent affinity for orchards and what comes of them has made returning to state of New York and building the Matchbook Distillery so much more exciting. From the production team to all of the members of Matchbook Distilling, we are so stoked to work with the orchards that flourish in the state of New York.

Weekend trips to the south coast of England will happily be replaced by tours of farms up on the Finger Lakes.  And at least this time, I will be driving on the right side of the road.